The Dalugo team work with aspiring individuals and teams who want to make real breakthroughs and reach their psychological potential.

We are inspired to unlock what is possible with individuals and teams who strive to achieve their best on a personal and professional level.

Brendan McNicholas

Brendan McNicholas is the Head Psychologist and Director at Dalugo.

With extensive experience working one-on-one in clinical settings, and with sporting clubs and work teams, Brendan brings to the table an effective powerful approach to building the mental skills high achievers need for a competitive edge.

Brendan has designed and delivered his flagship program Strong-Minded to the Parramatta Eels, helping their journey from last on the table to top of the Premiership ladder (2020).

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Dr Melinda Varhegyi

Dr Melinda Varhegyi is an Organisational and Coaching Consultant for Dalugo programs and our partners.

Melinda brings with her a wealth of experience which spans clinical and vocational counselling, research, academia and consulting. Driven to empower individuals, build motivation and gear them to success, Melinda applies evidence-based practices to help individuals and organisations reach optimal functioning.

Leveraging her exceptional teaching abilities and counselling experience, Melinda is approved by the Psychology Board of Australia to provide supervision to provisional psychologists.

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Dr Benjamin Wilkes

Dr Benjamin Wilkes is a Clinical and Coaching Consultant for Dalugo programs and our partners.

Ben is an experienced clinical psychologist and supervisor who specialises in leading the design of collaborative systems, processes, and programs to enable high performance individuals and teams.

Ben is dedicated to the principles of proactive early intervention, stepped care, collaborative recovery, accessibility, and inclusion.

Ben responds to the challenges of change with a focus on user experience (UX), LEAN principles and perhaps most important in the context of organisations, team experience (TX) and employee personal development.

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Dalugo Values

Best practice

Our methods are evidence-based, measured, scientific and delivered with the highest professional standards of care.


We value the opportunity to work with our clients, and genuinely share a progressive journey with them.


All people and teams are unique. We work to find what works for you and tailor our approach to suit individual requirements.


We work with those who aspire to know their potential, make an impact and be the best versions of themselves.


We help others achieve clarity,
a path forward and
momentum to succeed.


We are committed to authentic and positive relationships, built upon trust, respect and goodwill.

Playing at the highest level takes discipline, dedication, and sacrifice. I want to be the best I can be, and that is why I train my mind as much as I train my body. Dalugo has provided effective strategies that empower me to focus and achieve my goals”.

Professional Football Player
Lebanese International (at under-23 and at senior level)

Brendan has designed and delivered engaging workshops with players, coaches and parents from North West Sydney Football. NWSF value the positive contribution Brendan has made to the culture and performance of our club. He is an outstanding individual who has greatly developed who we are and where we are headed.”

Head of Football
North West Sydney Football

Brendan McNicholas implemented the Dalugo Strong-Minded performance program with the Parramatta Eels NRL Team. The Strong-Minded program by Dalugo provided powerful and effective strategies to build focus and mental resilience on and off the field. I believe any athlete or team would benefit from this program and see improved performance.

Professional Rugby League Player
Parramatta Eels

Brendan facilitated the Strong-Minded program for the Parramatta Eels with the objective of enhancing the skills and capability of our athletes. Through his work, Brendan provided a positive contribution to our program and helped the development of a number of our athletes”.

General Manager of Football
Parramatta Eels